Chop and Dance

April 3, 2014
Wednesdays classes were both a blast!!

Students of Lycee Molyko enjoying the "chop" or food.

80% of the students had completed all of their homework which was for the club: to hand in their letters to the people they wanted to interview and finish their storyboards then for the advanced class: complete their interviews.

Deforestation group of GHS Buea Town, Unemployment and Child Abuse from Lycee had not been able to turn in their letters yet but will do that ASAP.

As for the Advanced YAN class, 3 out of 5 groups have done their interviews leaving only Scamming and Poverty left! These will be filmed as soon as school resumes J


Since it was the last class of the term, and students are already finished with exams, both classes had a needed “fun day” where they enjoyed some music and food. For food I prepared salsa and guacamole with plantain chips. Both of the dips were strange and foreign to them but I gave a speech about keeping and open mind and reminded them that I didn’t know a single food when I came to Cameroon. I even told them I tried foods I can't pronounce, like Okongobong and ended up loving it!

Advanced YAN showing everyone how to dance!

Most of the kids enjoyed the food, especially the guacamole since it was so close to something here they called ‘puree’. Both classes even had a dance competition!! For Lycee it was Advanced YAN vs the regular club class and for GHS Buea Town I split up the class. We danced to popular Nigerian songs like Skelewu, Personally, Chop my Money and a Cameroonian favorite: Stanely Enow’s Heir Pere. (I encourage your to check all of these songs/videos out on YouTube because they are awesome!!)

Students at GHS Buea Town loved the new foods!

These ladies won the competition. In fact, there was no competition!!

When classes resume, the Advanced class will be focusing on their film for editing and also planning their community sensitization project. The regular clubs will be focusing on filming their introductions, body and conclusion for their videos followed by the editing of their videos. Both classes will be updating their websites with the videos and putting them on YouTube so that anyone around the world with internet connection can view the video!!

Research – Interviews – Podcasts

April 3, 2014

This week is the last week before the students have their “Easter Break” or in other words, the break between the second and third term.

On Monday I was scheduled to meet with the High Birth Rate group at the cyber in Buea Town. They are the only group this year who has decided not to do an interview but instead film themselves discussing the topic in depth. To do this, they needed to do a lot more research so that they were able to discuss for a decent length of ...

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Preparations for Filming

April 1, 2014

For both of our club classes last week, one at BGS Molyko and the other at GHS Buea Town, we had a special guest join us. Maddy is on exchange from the United States through a study abroad program by Antioch University. She is studying at University of Buea for three months and has chosen to work with YAN until June. This week was her first of many.

After I introduced her she mostly observed the class structure, the students and myself. I had her come with me around to each group t...

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Ready! Set! ACTION!

March 28, 2014

Cardaine working on his storyboard.

This week – the Advanced YAN class perfected their storyboards. They were reminded to act as the writer, director and producer of their film meaning they had to organize every single little thing.


Every film will consist of three parts: 1) an introduction; 2) a body (usually an interview with an expert) and lastly; 3) a conclusion. Once these three parts are filmed the students can start editing the videos using a program called “Windows Movie...

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Advanced YAN Prepares to Film This Week

March 24, 2014
Thursday’s Advanced YAN class was really productive -- they all should be filming for their videos this week and next week!!

On the down side, we may have lost 2 students (Shemilove and Deril) who have not showed up for a couple of weeks and who did not show up again today. But on the up side, all of the students who were present had their homework finished!! One by one I reviewed their storyboard and corrected their letters requesting an interview. Everything looked great. Students worked...

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Wuch kin chop whiteman chop?

March 22, 2014
 Club classes for this week went really well and our students are right on track!!

Both classes on Wednesday (Lycee Molyko and Buea Town) had 14 students attending. At first, things were a bit hectic and crazy… but that’s how it usually is. There had been no power again throughout Molyko and when I arrived early to set up for class the doors to my surprise were locked! I called and called both teachers whom I knew had keys – no one was available. I found another computer teacher who ...

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TWO Lycee Essay Contest Winners!!

March 18, 2014
This week I am announcing the winners of the International Women's Day Essay Contest for Lycce Molyko. There was no power the day of the original lesson plan therefore we had to hold two make up classes in order to give everyone a change to hand in the essay. Prizes given included a variety of school supplies.
Check out some of the videos we watched HERE!

School: Bilingual Grammar School - Lycee Molyko
Winner: Muluh Victory
Class: Lower 6
Chosen Essay Questions:

1. What is gender quality and ho...

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Surprise Visit from Global Giving Guest!!

March 17, 2014
On Wednesday the Biligual Grammar School in Molyko welcomed Britt Lake from GlobalGiving!! GlobalGiving is a US based organization that functions as an online marketplace that connects donors with grassroots projects in the developing world. Check out YAN’s GlobalGiving page HERE!!


Britt was welcomed by 8 smiling faces ready for the days lesson on videography. I had written some critical thinking questions on the board relating to the Poverty Video we were watching from last year’s YA...

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Buea Town's Essay Contest WINNER!!

March 13, 2014
Happy International Women’s Day!!


Last week I held two make up classes for the International Women’s Day lesson. Early Friday morning I met up with Walters (the YAN in country ‘go to’ guy) who helped me take photos and hold prizes at the GHS Buea Town general assembly.


For the essay contest we had three students tied for 2nd place: Ekah Judith, Malange Clinton and Kfu Patience (pictured above) and one 1st place, Yatuh Ketline (pictured below). Prizes comprised of a variety of...

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The Time has Come for Podcast Recodings!!

March 9, 2014
All of the classes this week had to do with PODCASTS!!! What is a podcast you ask…

The Advanced YAN had recorded and made their own in last years YAN Club so this year it was a piece of cake for them. Last week I had assigned the homework for creating their podcasts and on Tuesday we practiced, improved and recorded 4 out of 6 groups’ podcasts.

We first did peer review: each group exchanged with other groups who would read their script and look for errors to correct; just simple t...

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