The 2nd week of internships was even more exciting than the first!! For our ‘all intern meeting’ on Monday we were only missing 2 interns and we began by reviewing our goals from the first week. What did you set out to do? Did you accomplish that? If not, what obstacle was in your way? How can you overcome this obstacle in the future.

Each intern had a turn to speak and explain what they did in their 1st week. We then moved onto a serious of problem solving activities. I split the group of 9 inters into 3 groups of 3. Soon, another intern came and he just tagged along in one of the groups. We had 3 'problem solving stations' where groups would spend 15-25 min trying to solve problems.

First station: You need EXACTLY 4 liters of water. All you have in the house is a container of 5 liters and a container of 3 liters.
Second station: They had 6 toothpicks and needed to make FOUR equilateral triangles (same length sides).
Third station: Several 'wuzzels' that they had to guess the meaning up. If you dont know what a 'wuzzel' is...just google it for examples!

All of these activities were to emphasize who to 'think outside the box' when coming face to face with problems in the the job setting and even out in the world at large. How can you come up with solution on your own to solve problems.

After these activities, we debriefed and moved onto the distribution of money for the week.

While interns working for Green Cameroon, RUWDEC and ZTV were busy in their respective offices, those working with YAN had their hands full planing for the first ever YAN Summer Camp as well as researching their own research topics, starting their videos and updating their websites.

Check out their website here: