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Let the Research Begin.

Posted by Antonia on Friday, November 29, 2013,
The Advanced class went excellent this week!! Six out of eight students were right on time and a seventh one showed up for the last hour (he was writing and exam). The two students who were not there last week started by finishing last weeks assignment, which was to research YAN, Social Justice and Advocacy.

“What is Youth Advocacy Network?”

Cardaine Abah (pictured bellow on the left) wrote:
“According to the way YAN was described to us last year it is as followed:

Youth: Citizens at ...

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Research Topics Have Been Chosen from Lycee to Buea Town...

Posted by Antonia on Wednesday, November 27, 2013,
From Lycee to Buea Town, YAN students have chosen what problem or issue in their community is of interest to them.

Today at Lycee, I only had a mere 8 students for the first 1 hour 15 minutes!! 8 is the lowest turn out I have ever had, so I assumed there was something going on. Half of the kids were doing "manual labor" (mostly yard work and things of that sort -this is required by the school) and the other half where taking an exam.

For students who missed last Wednesday's class, hence the we...
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Weekend "CATCH UP"

Posted by Antonia on Monday, November 25, 2013,
This Saturday, I arrived at the main gate of Lycee Molyko and was greeted by five smiling and eager students waiting for class. Slowly within the next 15min another five had arrived. The previous Wednesday, when we had made the arrangements to meet over the weekend and I distributed permission slips to give to their parents. Out of about six-teen students who were supposed to show up, ten came to the class. Which is not bad for a weekend!

We entered computer lab where we spent nearly three ho...
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Advanced YAN Learns the Dynamics and Importance of Social Justice and Advocacy

Posted by Antonia on Monday, November 25, 2013,
Like every Thursday, we held the Advanced YAN class from 3-5. I always have to arrive early so that I can pick up the key before the computer lab teacher leaves and locks up. So I arrived at about 2:30pm and just reviewed the lesson for the day.

Soon  3:00pm arrived and I was ready to teach. Then 3:15pm. Finally one student, David, showed up by 3:30pm! He said that all the other were taking a test. This is something I still struggle to understand: School ends at 2:40pm yet, if and when a teach...

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Malaria and Chosen Research Topics!

Posted by Antonia on Saturday, November 23, 2013,
Greetings YANers!!!

Pidgin English = Malaria don attack me last week. No worry a dey fit n na a don betta.
English Translation = I got malaria last week. But don't worry, I am strong and now I am feeling better.

This week was a big week for the YAN club at Lycee Molyko. Why you ask... Well, because the students have chosen their research topics for the year!!

Drug Abuse
Ayuk Rawlings
Achu Simon
Bah Bobda Romaric
Kamgwan Lecrivain

The Right of a Citizen to be Educated
Mulyh Victory
Koban Calvin

Waste Mana...

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Witchcraft, Guest Speakers and New Ideas for Research!

Posted by Antonia on Monday, November 11, 2013,
Sorry for the late post, my limited internet ran out so I had to wait until Monday for the store to open.
This was written Thursday October 7th.

Over the weekend I had heard news that “Over twenty students at GHS Buea Town had collapsed!” I thought, what on earth could have made more than twenty students randomly collapse all around the same time? I realized that I have really spent a fair amount of time in Cameroon and Africa in general because the first thing that came to my head was… W...

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YAN at Bar Camp Cameroon

Posted by Antonia! on Tuesday, November 5, 2013,
Bar Camp Cameroon 2013 : Buea, Cameroon

BarCamp is held throughout the year in Cameroon and all around the world. This year Buea was fortunate enough to be the first Anglophone region to host the event. Bar Camp is a the largest annual “non-confirance” of passionate individuals who are interested and involved sectors of the digital and technology societ. Those attending and presenting include: bloggers, photographers, videographers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts,  journalists, activists, prof...

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Wednesday Madness

Posted by Antonia on Sunday, November 3, 2013,
Wednesday was again, very hectic!

 At Lycee, we created email addresses. There were only 4 working computers (out of about 15) so I had 4 pairs go to the computers to start their email creation while the rest of the students sat in the back on the room playing a communication game. Every student wrote down a question on a piece of paper and then crumpled up that paper into what looks like a snowball. I explained the concept of snowballs and snowball fights so they would better understand the a...
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