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Bilingual Grammar School - Molyko

Topic: Drug Abuse
Researchers: Ayuk Rawlings, Achu Simon, Bah Bodba Romaric and Kamgwan Lecrivan

Our general research topic is drug abuse in Cameron. Our specific questions are "is the rate of drug abuse in Cameroon high or low? and "How can we stop this?" 

Topic: Lack of Practical Education
Researchers: Muluth Victory, Blessings Koi and Mpako Mbappe Darios

Our research topic is education in Cameroon. Our specific question is “how can practical education be improved in Cameroon?” Statistics have shown that students perform poorly as the years go by to evacuate this problem, students need captivating materials to enhance studies such as laboratory equipment, and teaching aids.  For example while teach biology on the topic “respiration” students can clearly see how oxygen leaves and enters the body. We want to research on the topic because we want our education standards to improve and our results as well.

Topic: Child Abuse
Researchers: Eudes Ekoajei and Sheilla Makuitche

Our chosen research topic is child abuse because there are many problems when dealing with the rights of the child and these problems are increasing every day in our community.  We will like to know if the rate or child abuse is increasing and how it can be reduced in our society.

Topics: Waste Management
Researchers: Annette Ndive, Queencey Nkempta and Rose Enanga

We have chosen to do our research on waste management because there are many people who ignore the fact that there are trash cans in which they can empty their waste. We are trying all ways to make Cameroonians know ow to manage their waste and not throw trash around.  Our specific questions are: "How can we learn waste management?" and "Why do Cameroonians really deposit dirt, is it because they are not educated?"

Topic: Diabetes
Researchers: Dielle Veronica, Andy Tanta and Akuphe Dieudonne

Hi, our names are  Dielle Veronica, Andy Tanta and Akuphe Dieudonne. We are carrying a research on diabetes. Our research on diabetes is based on the following questions.
➢    What is the impact of diabetes on Cameroonians?
➢    How can it be prevented?
We are researching on diabetes because it is one of the major illness that kills in our society. We are also carrying this research to pass information not only to Cameroonians but also to the whole world on how diabetes is gradually reducing the population of the world  by 2% every year.   

Topic: Unemployment
Researchers: Bright Isuma and Christian Enongene
Government High School - Buea Town

Topic: Political Problems in Cameroon
Researchers: Nyuimuh Ketline Yatuh and Benardine Boyeneben

Hello, how wonderful is it to be in the YAN Club. We joined the YAN club to advocate for myself and community about corruption. Our general research topic is Political Problems in Cameroon.  Our specific research questions are: “Are there political problem in Cameroon?” and “If yes, How can it be remedied?” I really want to research his topic because it is really eating deep in the administration of Cameroon. Favoritism and mismanagement causes unemployment and frustrations amongst talented and qualified citizens.

Topics: Deforestation
Researchers: Nyuydini Ndze Betrand, Awa Queeniva and Langwa Emill Asheri

Our website is talking about deforestation in Cameroon. Our general research is going to be talking about some disadvantages of deforestation in Cameroon.  Our specific research question is "What are some solutions to deforestation in Cameroon?"  We would like to research on this topic so that people will be able to see the disadvantages of deforestation, and because many people are going to learn through our website. Moreover, it is also going to help the citizens and the government in improving on the protection of the forest.   

Topic: High Birth Rate
Researchers: Asawure Irene, Ngala Nadia and Ekah Judith

High birth rate is one of the problems people face in our country in Cameroon. Many people give birth to more than 6 children. Our specific research question is to know why women give birth to children which they can not take care for and how con family planning be improved in Cameroon.

Topic: Climate Change
Researchers: Fadimatou Isa, Rubby Namondo, Samuel Kinge and Khadijatou Mohammed

Our general research topic is climate change in Cameroon. Our specific question is how climate change affects Cameroon and how it can be prevented. We are researching this topic because it is real life. It happens presently in Buea. The month of November to December were supposed to be dry season but rain falls and this indicates climate change which really affects our environment and human beings.

Topic: Water Pollution
Researchers: Kfu Patience, Malange Clinton, Precious Claris Namondo Wose and Mbessang Emmanuer Kevin

Our general research topic is water pollution and our specific questions are: “What causes water pollution?” and “How can we help to stop or prevent it?” We want to research on this topic because we want to know the major pollutants that cause water pollution and how water is being distributed in the world because water is life and we cannot live without it.

Advanced YAN @ B.G.S. Molyko
Topic: Poverty
Researchers: David Abunaw and Balemba Beknmaka

Our research topic is Poverty and we are researching this topic because it is a delicate problem in our county in which we have to eradicate it as fast as possible. We want to study poverty to know how to prevent, eradicate and even educate people about it. Our specific questions are “What can we do to stop or reduce the rate of poverty” and “Who are the people who are mostly affected by poverty”

Topic: Corruption
Researcher: Jean Patient

I want to research on corruption because Cameron is going down because of corruption, stealing, and paying bribes to the administration. This makes Cameroon to lose its economic resources such as money for the administrators to develop the area. That is why Cameroon keeps getting less developed because of the problem we face.

Topic: Nature Conservation
Researchers: Deril Ageu-Tang and Cardaine  

Our research topic is talking about nature conservation. We will mainly be talking about why people conserve nature and how they conserve it (the different types). We want to research this topic so that we can teach people more about nature and conservation.

Topic:Internet Scamming
Researcher: Agbor Desmond Tabe

My research topic is scamming. I want to know how to stop scamming from occurring and why is scamming so common? I am interested in this topic because many people are being scammed every day.

Topic: Prostitution
Researcher: Henry Ekema

The name of my topic is “Prostitution”. My specific questions are “Why do young girls go into prostitution” and “How can we help reduce the rate of prostitution in Cameroon?” I want to research this topic because so many young girls go into prostitution and have a lot of diseases and some old men sleep with their children and some die early.

Topic: Malaria
Researcher: Achocho Shemilove

My general research topic is Malaria and my specific research questions are: “How can I help my community prevent malaria?” “How is malaria transmitted?” and “What are the parasites of malaria?” I chose to research this topic because I care so much about the community’s health and I have a lot of interest in this topic.
YAN Student Videos, 2012-2013
GHS Buea Town
Ruth (constructive agriculture) :

Junior/Silvanous (cholera):

Josy/Lucia/Tetsop (education):

Mero (malaria):

Stella/Pauline (malaria):

Cedric/Miki (deforestation):

Ebanje/Wose (pollution):

Eyole/Derick (cholera):

Formenki/Carine (education):

GHS Limbe
Nelson (education):

Bridget and Cippora (water pollution):

Emmanuella (traditional culture and modernity):

Menget/Aristide (corruption):

Yakam (water pollution):

Lycee Molyko
George/Ekema (prostitution):

Melvin/Odette (corruption):

Elisee (water scarcity):

Bismark (traditional culture):

Balemba/David (poverty):

Ali/Jezeh/Emmanuel (education):

Cardine/Jean (Mount Cameroon):

Tita/Chantal (poverty):

Chelsea/Besskennie (malaria):

Shemilove/Desmond (malaria):

Vanessa (poverty):

Bilingual Grammar School Molyko - Buea  

2011 - 2012 

Child Labor by Holiness, Larisa, Vanisa, Chanta, and Cedric

Poverty by Love, Nana and anonymous

Environmental Protection by Umel and George

Nature Conservation by Daril and Percy


Development in Cameroon

 Celles and Tracey started this project after a classroom debate on whether Cameroon is a developed country. They researched   articles online and interviewed (Dr.) Fongot Kini-Yen Kinni, a dean from the Pan African Institute in Buea to better address the issue. 

Mbigha Karelle Celles and Mbigha Sally Nzung Tracey 

Child Labour

Kwankam chose child labour because of the serious problem it is in Cameroon. She did her own research on Child Labour, conducted the interview and did the video editing herself.

Kwankam Chechua Manzo with friend Eugene Bruna-lambe 


Because of the present epidemic in Cameroon, Bleck and Desmond decided to do their project on Cholera. They conducted an interview with Dr. Trixy Franke of the 7th Day Adventist Clinic in Buea in creating their documentary.

Mbanwei Desmond and Bleck Eugen

Culture in Cameroon

Nancy and Naura decided to do a project on Culture and Tradition in Cameroon. They interviewed several teachers and students during the National Youth Day March on February 11th.

Mbigha Nancy and Mbigha Naura 

 Rights of a Citizen

"Here in Cameroon the citizens of this county are being maltreated because they don't know their rights.  This is to tell the Cameroonians that they have rights and duties as citizens of this country."

Julliet Meh, Ndang Glory and Miriam Onwuneme


Emmanuel, Yoland Masoma and Ngolefac Ivan

These students concentrated on how corruption impacts the lives of ordinary citizens in Cameroon. They also addressed failed government attempts to curb said corruption

Buea School of the Deaf


                  Joshua Whitener, Olando Ngoh, Harris Mbah, Zabe Rene Yonga, Anangin Derick Anemoh, Erin Wildermuth,                             Ruth Uwem, Cameron Moseley and Mukoko Sandro  


      Sign Language Project

Students at the Buea School for the Deaf are learning video production as a method of improving the lives of deaf children in Cameroon.  Specifically, they are producing a video that will teach their mentors, parents and neighbors in the villages sign language so that they can better communicate with each other.