The Youth Advocacy Network relies on donations from interested individuals and organizations.  Your donation will be used to fund the YAN Fellowship program, support local staff and purchase supplies for the students.  Thank you for your donation! 

YAN Is currently fundraising for our 2014-2015 internship program.  A fifty dollar donation allows an exemplary YAN student to accept an internship in their local community when they would otherwise likely be working to supplement their parent’s income.  Your entire donation will go directly to the student to pay for transportation and food costs throughout the program.

The purpose of the internship is to give students a chance to further hone their skills, help local NGOs to harness the power of the internet to further their causes, and provide work experience to young people in a country where jobs are scarce and IT skills are few. 

In the letter to her sponsor last year, YAN intern Lucia Masare wrote, “When I finished with the website creation and facebook account the executive director of the organization, Mr, Jean Claud had a view of it and he was so amaze and happy because I did more than what he expected.  This really made me happy and proud and I give all thanks to YAN.”

(Below: Lucia at her internship site last summer)