Due to a sudden illness, I was unable to make Monday's 'all intenrhsip meeting' and I had Maddy take over for the day.

Students played a ‘description’ game involving adjectives which would improve the students writing skills. Students sat back to back (not facing each other). One held and object while the other held a pen and paper. Using solely the description of their partner, they were to draw what they believed the object to be. Later, they wrote as many adjectives as possible to describe the object.

Tuesday and Wednesday YAN interns spent researching a bit more on their topics, updating their websites and filming for their videos. Obviously, we didn’t have the same amount of time to prepare and film for this video so instead of conducting planned interviews with local ‘experts’ so instead students walked around the main road of Buea Town and asked local citizens their opinions and concerns about their individual topics. Some students took the cameras to their home overnight so they could interview a neighbor or family members as well. Scamming was definitally one of the most challenging topics to find people who would willingly be interviewed.

YAN Interns: Etone, Fadimatou and Samuel