The first passage is from Fadimatou Isa of GHS Buea Town:


On Monday the 26th of May 2014, we started out internship. We made a together meeting at the pala-pala field where all of the students introduced themselves. Mme Antonia gave us some conditions to be of a good intern which goes thus:

-Asking when you need help.
-Be honest.

-Taking initiatives.

-Keep to time and making connections.

-Furthermore, we were to write out main goals for the internship which are as follows:

-Coming early.

-Abide to the rules and regulations of the organization.

-Know everybody by name

-Have tour schedules

-Know the location.


Nevertheless, the day ended were we filled out calendar of activities and that of the finance(feeding, transport and internet).


On Tuesday the 27th of May 2014, we had a class in the cyber. The class started a brainstorming about the previous classes taught in YAN. After which the YAN intenrs choose their favorite topics some of which included:




-Video Proposal and Editing

-After Some few minuets we made preparations for the Summer Camp, they include:

-An Application to Charles (for securing a location for the camp)

-The choosing of applicatns

-Course Plan (what we will teach)

-Teaching materials needed

-Letters to donors


Applicants were to be selected and hence securing a location and calling applicants which were the main foals of the Interns which was a marvelous day to end.


Our second passage is from Etone Veronica of Lycee Molyko:

In the morning interns chose their reserach topics and later in the morning interns chose games to be played during the YAN summer camp. Then later in the afternoon interns started to do reached on their specific topics. Topics that htey found as a big problem in their community. Interns later on concluded research by copying and pasting some important facts thatt they found while reading ssome facts and later on saved it in Madam Antonia’s flash that concluded out research for that day!

The 2014 YAN Interns have chosen the following topics to research on:

Bah Romaric: Teen Pregnancy

Fadimatou: Systematic Racism

Etone Veronica: Internet Scamming

Clinton: Refugees in Cameroon

Samuel: Decreasing Agricultural Productivity