Here is a short report from one of our YAN interns, Fadumatou:

"Throughout the past week we have been completing our lesson in: making sure all the lessons are arranged for the summer camp. We the inters completed our interviews and hence made some small talks about our research topics since we did not interview specialists but instead town members of Buea Town who gave us a brief information . We moved on to editing our videos and hence adding text, transitions and some music so as to make the videos entertaining.

The following days we started planning the games for the camp. Some of the games include: Dragon Tagon, It Green, Golden Egg and some others. The week ended on Friday where we prepared out rules and regulations for the camp, prepared questions which will be answered by the interns and hence preparing for working sheets for the students the week was really a tiring week but it ended up marvelous and fantastic because we finished preparing for the summer camp!!"