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SUMMER CAMP: Day 1 & 2

Posted by Erin Wildermuth on Monday, June 23, 2014,
On the morning of the first day of the camp, when I arrived to the cyber I was met by 6 students who were there.. already… before me… over 30 min early! It was a miracle! On the downside, the interns were not there yet meaning I had to be two places at once (again): Inside setting up the camp (projector, documents, etc) and also outside with the students to keep them entertained, active and most importantly not bored!


Finally the interns arrived in the middle of a camp we were playin...

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How do the interns see week 3?

Posted by Antonia/Fadimatou on Monday, June 23, 2014,
Here is a short report from one of our YAN interns, Fadumatou:

"Throughout the past week we have been completing our lesson in: making sure all the lessons are arranged for the summer camp. We the inters completed our interviews and hence made some small talks about our research topics since we did not interview specialists but instead town members of Buea Town who gave us a brief information . We moved on to editing our videos and hence adding text, transitions and some music so as to make th...
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Internships: Week 3

Posted by Antonia on Monday, June 23, 2014,
Due to a sudden illness, I was unable to make Monday's 'all intenrhsip meeting' and I had Maddy take over for the day.

Students played a ‘description’ game involving adjectives which would improve the students writing skills. Students sat back to back (not facing each other). One held and object while the other held a pen and paper. Using solely the description of their partner, they were to draw what they believed the object to be. Later, they wrote as many adjectives as possible to descr...
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Week 2 of Internships

Posted by Antonia on Monday, June 23, 2014,
The 2nd week of internships was even more exciting than the first!! For our ‘all intern meeting’ on Monday we were only missing 2 interns and we began by reviewing our goals from the first week. What did you set out to do? Did you accomplish that? If not, what obstacle was in your way? How can you overcome this obstacle in the future.

Each intern had a turn to speak and explain what they did in their 1st week. We then moved onto a serious of problem solving activities. I split the group o...
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A word from out YAN Interns:

Posted by Antonia (and the interns!) on Tuesday, June 17, 2014,

The first passage is from Fadimatou Isa of GHS Buea Town:


On Monday the 26th of May 2014, we started out internship. We made a together meeting at the pala-pala field where all of the students introduced themselves. Mme Antonia gave us some conditions to be of a good intern which goes thus:

-Asking when you need help.
-Be honest.

-Taking initiatives.

-Keep to time and making connections.

-Furthermore, we were to write out main goals for the internship which are as follows:


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Internships have started and are right on track!!

Posted by Antonia on Tuesday, June 17, 2014,
This year I did an open application process for all YAN member who were interested in becoming a summer intern. I had 25 out of 42 students apply for 11 positions posted all over Buea. The selected 11 students are:





Henry Ekema

BGS Molyko

Green Cameroon

Precious Claris Namondo Wose

GHS Buea Town

Green Cameroon

Khadijatou Mohammed

GHS Buea Town

Green Camer...

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Congradulations to the YAN class of 2014!!

Posted by Antonia on Sunday, June 8, 2014,
After months of teaching, electricity black outs, random unannounced public holidaus which closed schools, weeks and weeks of preparation, and an “all nighter” the day before - I was finally able to take a breath and admire the success, hard work and accomplishments of my 42 students.


On May 24th 2014, the YAN Class of 2014 had their graduation ceremony.


Of the 42 students we had 19 from the Government High School in Buea Town,  16 from the Bilingual Grammar School in Molyko and ...

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YAN Videos – Movie Night!!

Posted by Antonia on Tuesday, June 3, 2014,

On the 22nd of May, YAN held their final classes which was also the final  day for any students including those in the Advanced class to finalize and finish their videos for full credit. I spent the majority of the day doing my ‘last minute’ meetings with several groups at BGS Molyko.

On Monday I had sent out invitations via Facebook and SMS/text message inviting a handful of my friends (international and Cameroonian) to join me for a ‘YAN Movie Night” where each...

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Advanced YAN puts their research into ACTION!

Posted by Antonia on Tuesday, June 3, 2014,

Sensitization projects are the main thing that sets the Advanced class apart from the regular YAN class. This year we started the school year with 8 bring and motivated returning YAN graduates who initiated the first ever “Advanced YAN” class! By the middle of the second term we had lost a few students but in the final term a couple of them re-joined.

Henry making his vidual aid for his presentation

Depending on each individual, students either continued resreaching their topic f...

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