On the 22nd of May, YAN held their final classes which was also the final  day for any students including those in the Advanced class to finalize and finish their videos for full credit. I spent the majority of the day doing my ‘last minute’ meetings with several groups at BGS Molyko.

On Monday I had sent out invitations via Facebook and SMS/text message inviting a handful of my friends (international and Cameroonian) to join me for a ‘YAN Movie Night” where each of them would watch and judge all 15 movies that were produced by the YAN Class of 2014. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best), they judged each and every film on the following aspects:

 Best Introduction; Best Interview; Best Conclusion; Best Editing; Best Overall

Here are the 10 judges for the YAN 2014 Video Awards!!

It was a tough choice, especially for me! I didn’t want any of the winner to be chosen with a bias which was the main reason for my movie night. I wanted fair judgment. All in all when the tallying was finished and averages were taken the results were as follows:


Best Introduction(tie): Poverty with David Abunaw
Best Introduction(tie):
Climate Change with Fadimatou Isa and Samuel Kinge

Best Interview: Nature Conservation with Abah Cardine

Best Conclusion: Water Pollution with Malange Clinton, Precious Claris Namondo Wose, Asawure Fidele and Kfu Patience.

Best Editing and Best Overall: Practical Education with Mpako Mbappe Darios, Koi Blessings Amezang and Muluh Victory Ngwi.

Best Overall: Political Problems with Ketline Yatuh


Congratulations to all YAN students who completed their final project: filming, editing and producing their very own video!! All 15 turned out fabulous and will be uploaded to YouTube soon!