Lycee Molyko’s club class is getting small in numbers but those who are present are always working hard. First we reviewed the responsibilities of actors/actresses and filmers as well as brainstormed ‘tips’ for the two. For example, the actor needs to speak loud and clearly while the  filmer needs to keep the camera steady. I asked for some more ideas, Etone Veronica had a great idea that I hadn’t thought of: “The person filming needs to make sure he doesn’t cough or sneeze because it will be recorded”. Then we spoke about our interviews and the requirements for that from each student (transport, dress, professionalism, etc). Storyboards were to be completed before last term ended but only two groups had finished them so the class worked on perfecting the storyboards and organizing interview times in the next two weeks. Class was just over an hour long since the students didn’t arrive until 1:40pm so no one was able to film their introduction. That will be first on the agenda next week!


The students always meet me inform of the cyber in Buea Town and Wednesday was no exception. I told the students we had a short lecture before alternating between shooting the introduction and checking on their websites. The opted to take notes by dictation as opposed to the chalkboards in the classroom because they thought it was too long of a walk for a short lecture.


There is a room next to the cyber with a ‘documentation’ store. The woman who owns it lets us use her space every now and again when we have short theoretical sections of our lesson quick lesson. 17 students all squished onto the few chairs while others crowched down to take notes. Same in the first class, we discussed the roles of and tips for the filmers and actors/actresses as well as important information to prepare for their interview. By the time we finished with he theoretical part, it was just about 4pm. Everyone had turned in their storyboard on time and most of them didn’t have many changes to make so they were ready for filming.


Climate change and water pollution both went off to shoot their introductions. High birth rate group wrote out their scripts since they are just discussing their topic as opposed to interviewing someone. Deforestation and political problems went into the computer lab to sign into WordPress and try and finish their websites. All that the students of GHS are missing is a photo (or two) and their Advocacy page. The deforestation group gave Maddy a tour of their website and its contents so she could better see what the students had been working on all year.


Ketline who is pretty much the only person doing anything in her group which started at 3 and is now 2 (the other rarely attending class and/or contributing) wants to interview the Mayor of Buea! She has taken great initiative on going to see his secretary to request and interview and hand in her letter. She called the office Wednesday and she will go Thursday to check when he is available in the next two weeks. We arranged interview times for all groups besides political problems in Cameroon and water pollution, both groups will notify me next week on the dates they have chosen.


On Friday afternoon I met the Diabetes and Drug Abuse groups from Lycee Molyko after school to go to 7th Day Adventist Hospital to interview the nurses on their topics. Both interview were fantastic – you guys have a lot to look forward to!


Drug Abuse group outside 7th Day

GHS Buea Town student group Climate Change had an early start to their Saturday morning. We met at the cyber at 8:30 and walked to meet Silas at the Green Cameroon office for an interview. Silas has been working for Green Cameroon for more than two years. The interview lasted about 30min. After that interview I waited around Buea Town until 10am when the High Birth Rate group came to do their discussion on camera.


A lot of filming has already taken place so now students need to start editing with Windows Movie Maker!

Stay tuned for some great videos produced by the class of 2014!