Well, I've been here for less than a week and it feels like a month already.  I've had the privilege of touring some area schools, meeting with principals, and discussing the future of YAN with the Chair of the Board of Directors.  It's an exciting time for YAN - we are formalizing our relationship with a second school and making plans to start a mentor program next year.  School doesn't start for a month and in the interim I am working with my Cameroonian counterpart to write a grant for next year.  We're gathering information on the demographics of Buea and the other youth programs in the area - exploring the ways in which we can better serve the community.  Hopefully, this work will amount to fresh funding for YAN and an expanded training program that includes adults who are willing to mentor young people.

In the midst of this I can't help but be overwhelmed by my transition here.  I have lived in a number of developing countries - but none quite like this.  The people here are amazing and I have yet to meet an unfriendly face.  Despite this, the infrastructure and weather and wearing on me already.  On my 3rd day my computer broke - cutting me off from everything modern that I enjoy - my music and podcasts from the US, my pictures from home, and, in general, my grip.  Don't laugh, you see how you feel if your computer breaks. ;)  My toilet is also broken and the cold showers have inspired me to stay dirty.  I'm afraid to do laundry because it won't dry for 2 weeks - yes, it's THAT wet here.

I know these challenges will pass - I will go to Douala today and pay to send my computer by Fed Ex to the US and have my mother get it fixed.  At some point my toilet will work again - I hope.  When the rainy season ends in a month it will be hot enough to warrant a frigid shower and dry my clothes.  When all that is resolved I will be left with the wonderful people - and a lot of pressure to perform on the grant end of things.  I just hope I am up to the task.