This Saturday, I arrived at the main gate of Lycee Molyko and was greeted by five smiling and eager students waiting for class. Slowly within the next 15min another five had arrived. The previous Wednesday, when we had made the arrangements to meet over the weekend and I distributed permission slips to give to their parents. Out of about six-teen students who were supposed to show up, ten came to the class. Which is not bad for a weekend!

We entered computer lab where we spent nearly three hours learning about web based research, conducting research on their topics and even had them start thinking about their website that will be created next week.

One member, Etone, approached me privately after class and said she needed to speak with me. She seemed quite flustered and I had an idea what she was upset about. She asked me if she could change her group because she was the only person doing any work and it was obvious that day. I noticed that all three other members were laughing from time to time and not paying too much attention to the computer screen while she was always serious and trying to keep them in line. I told her that since she approached me early enough about the situation, she could choose another topic as long as she found someone to work with. She also had to re-due the brainstorming worksheet (big topic, specific questions, things she already knows, questions she still has, people she wants to contact, groups she wants to contact) for Wednesday’s class. This was ok with her so we will see what happens next class on Wednesday.

There were three students who told me that they would not be able to make it to Saturday's classed and asked to meet on Sunday. I want everyone to have the opportunity to stay up to date with the YAN work, so I said of course! On Sunday, I went searching for over one hour all around checkpoint looking for a cyber café that would be open. But Sundays are pretty much weekly holidays here. It is near impossible to do anything – everything is closed for church. Since nothing was open, I phoned all three students to let them know it wouldn’t be possible to meet and I would just meet them Wednesday for regular class time. That means that there will be about 10 students who are ahead and 10 who are behind at lycee. I will for sure hold another weekend class before the holiday break comes.