Wednesday was again, very hectic!

 At Lycee, we created email addresses. There were only 4 working computers (out of about 15) so I had 4 pairs go to the computers to start their email creation while the rest of the students sat in the back on the room playing a communication game. Every student wrote down a question on a piece of paper and then crumpled up that paper into what looks like a snowball. I explained the concept of snowballs and snowball fights so they would better understand the activity. Then at the command of "GO” each student would throw their snowball quetstin to another student. They would go around answering the questions and writing another one. After ding this a few times, we discussed what was good and bad about communicating in this way. Then I asked them to compair this form of communitcation with email. This part of the class was especially challenging for me because the class was split: I was monitoring those on the computers making sure they were staying on task and moving quickly while creating their email and I was also working with the larger grup of students in the back playing the ‘snowball game’.

Thankfully, the majority of the students showed a decent level of maturity and didn’t go too far off track when I am not right by their side. The first 4 groups finished so then I sent the rest of the students to computers in groups of 3. By the end of class there were five students who weren’t able to set up an email so they will do that first thing next week.

I arrived in Buea Town at about 3:15pm and met a group of 16 students – 4 new ones who were on the accepted list of students but didn’t attend last week. I started by having those who attended last week recap what we did last week for those who missed it. We then proceeded to going over class expectations and grading. Again, I showed the two short films about Craig and Free the Children. Sometimes I notices that the kids are too focused on writing things down that they aren’t paying attention to the actual video. I announced several times that there was no need to write things down, to just watch and listen but some kids still insisted on taking notes. We debriefed on the video and I passed out the YAN curriculum books. We moved onto the social justice worksheets and the 3 articles. The students worked in pairs of the opposite sex and different class. We did the first article together as a class on the bored and then 2nd one was done in their pairs.

I stopped the group work 15min early so that the students could do their free write concerning the power of technology and its many uses. I will be collecting the books for correction on Monday. On Wednesday (next week) I will have the cyber café reserved for email creation!! The students were very enthusiastic about finally getting to do some practical work.

Below is a photo of the YAN Club students from the Government High School in Buea Town!!