Last week the classes at Lycee Molyko were a change of pace, as the kids finally began editing their videos on the computers. Some of the groups still had conclusions to shoot and interviews to conduct, but others began the task of uploading scenes and editing title pages. A few of the computers had new editing software, which posed some learning opportunities for the students. Some of the kids worked on creating a title across their videos, while some created a rolling credit page. Students also discovered ways of adding interesting and fun transition effects between scenes!

Learning how to edit video is not easy, the Drug Abuse group consists of Rawlings, Simon, Bah and Lecrivain.


Many of the students are running into similar problems with their videos. A lot of the interviews were filmed too far away or the students did not talk loud enough in the video. I helped one of the students find a way to adjust the volume so that his interview is more audible, despite the fact that he spoke so quietly. Another problem is that some students are still missing their interview portion of the video. One group decided instead to make a video of themselves talking about the issue. Overall, there is still a lot of work to be done with the Lycee Molyko kids and time is moving fast!


GHS Buea Town is still in the process of filming and creating their websites. The kids have not yet started working on editing their videos on the computers. On Wednesday we went over the checklist and found that there were few students who were all set and had all parts of their video done. Most either had an introduction, interview, or conclusion to shoot, and some groups had all three. One group was able to get in touch with someone they wanted to interview, and were able to meet with them that day during class!

Here we have Ketline on the furthest computer working on her Political Problems in Cameroon website.
The other three are Nadia, Judith and Irene who were working on their website about High Birth Rate in Cameroon.

One problem has been explaining to the kids that they will have the opportunity to edit and cut out scenes in their clips. One group came back after an interview and were concerned because they had interviewed a teacher who could not answer some of the questions. Instead of moving on with a different question, they stopped the filming each time and created a new clip for every question. They will have a lot more work to do when it comes time to edit and upload pictures onto the computer!


The rest of the day I worked with students on signing in to their email accounts to make sure they still knew their passwords. This was a huge issue because the majority of the students I worked with could not remember their password, had written it down incorrectly, or struggled to type it in exactly correct. I started suggesting that they write down their password precisely as it is, including capitals and no spaces, then save it in two separate locations in case they forget it. All the students need to remember multiple passwords for various accounts including their email, Facebook, and Wordpress, which can get very confusing.


By next week the students should be finishing shooting and

getting their videos on the computers!