All of the classes this week had to do with PODCASTS!!! What is a podcast you ask…

The Advanced YAN had recorded and made their own in last years YAN Club so this year it was a piece of cake for them. Last week I had assigned the homework for creating their podcasts and on Tuesday we practiced, improved and recorded 4 out of 6 groups’ podcasts.

We first did peer review: each group exchanged with other groups who would read their script and look for errors to correct; just simple things like spelling and grammar. Then, each group practiced their podcast out loud for everyone to hear and again give suggestions for improvement. To take the pressure off those who were reading, we played a game where the students who were listening would turn their back so there wasn’t any snickering or funny faces being made… you know 14 year old boys…

After they mastered the script, they went into the next room and recorded their podcast onto my iPod. Next week, those that want to edit their podcast can do so using Audacity which is a free, easy-to-use, multi track audio editor and recorder. You can download it fro free here:

Wednesday was another busy day as usual. For the second day in a row, there was no power in our computer lab at Lycee but thankfully we skipped the small things that required computers and moved along just fine without them. First we scheduled two make up classes for the Introduction to Photography and two make up classes for International Women’s Day curriculum. The classes will be Friday and Saturday.

Then, they all broke into their research groups to work on coming up with 12 forms of advocacy at 4 various levels. These 4 levels include: Individual, Community, National and International. Depending on time, students (or myself) will type this next week for the students to upload onto their website. After everyone finished and shared a few of their ideas we moved to podcasting.

None of the kids knew what this was so when I explained what it was and that we would be doing are own, they were really excited!! Just like seeing photos of themselves, the students also love hearing their own voice. While recording and playing some fun games, we incorporated the importance of the ‘tone’ of voice one gives while recording. We played a game with their tone of voice showing how the same sentence can be said 5 times with 5 + different emotions therefore 5 + different effects on the listener. They all took turns giving their own monotone sentence followed by the same sentence with an emotional voice (happy, sad, excited, serious, etc), then the other students would guess the emotion. Homework for next week is their podcast script. Once they are practiced and perfected, they will begin recording!

Everyone at GHS Buea Town (who attended) handed in their IWD Essays. There was even one girl who missed the lesson but got the homework assignment from a classmate and completed it. It's great to see the dedication some students possess!

The students in Buea Town also broke into groups so they could write up their 12 forms of advocacy and began typing them to put on their website on a later date. Not all groups finished typing but most of them did. For the last 20min of class we did the same monotone/emotion game to introduce podcasts. Again, no one in this group had heard of podcasts and everyone was fired up to create their own. Their assignment was also to finish their podcast scripts for recording next week.

Here is a preview of some of the podcasts we can expect to hear from the students in the Advanced YAN class at Lycee Molyko.


We are part of the YAN Club where we….

.”…learn how to advocate people about the major problems we have in our country and in our community” – David and Balemba

“…learn about the multi media to advocate to the world” – Henry

“…study how to learn to use the internet and how to advocate our ideas” - Jean

“…do researches and podcast and website design” - Desmond

Here is David searching for Podcasts on the YAN website so that he could listen to what other students have recorded.