This week was off to a slow start: Monday was election day and Tuesday was Reunification Day so schools and businesses were closed.

For the second week in a row, the club launching at the Government High School in Buea Town has been cancelled due to heavy rain fall!! I've decided to just go on my own, during their break times to talk with students and pass out applications. Every time I am visiting the school, students are asking about the YAN club so I'm looking forward to distributing and reading through their applications.

A total of 63 applications have been collected from the Bilingual Grammar School (aka Lycee) in Molyko and they keep coming in. YAN will be holding its first class next week on Wednesday from 1:30-3:30pm. 11 of last years YAN students are fired up and motivated to continue woking on YAN projects. I have given them the assignment of writing 5 topics they would like to be learning about (or continue learning about) in the curriculum for their class. I am working with the Media Teacher to organize a time we can reserve the computer lab to have out "Advanced YAN" class.