On Wednesday the Biligual Grammar School in Molyko welcomed Britt Lake from GlobalGiving!! GlobalGiving is a US based organization that functions as an online marketplace that connects donors with grassroots projects in the developing world. Check out YAN’s GlobalGiving page HERE!!


Britt was welcomed by 8 smiling faces ready for the days lesson on videography. I had written some critical thinking questions on the board relating to the Poverty Video we were watching from last year’s YAN class. On the other side of the board were questions for them to copy down which they should use to brainstorm ideas for their video proposal worksheet. I introduced Britt and while we waited a few more moments she was chatting with the students asking them about other clubs at school, why they chose YAN and what sort of things we do in YAN.


I overheard one response which was so spot on I would have guessed he rehearsed it if I didn’t know better: “Madam, we joined YAN to better our future. Here, we learn about social advocacy and new media technology which will help us to find jobs in the future.”


Finally we had about 13 students so we started class. I asked them “What is videography?” I could see their “deer in headlights” reaction so I asked them about photography and that lesson reminding them, “It’s easier than you think, don’t think too hard” – Suddenly I saw light bulbs turning on and Darios replied, “It’s making a video!” Voila! We went over why adding a video might help or add to their current project. Everyone understood the value of a video and I had tons of answers. We watched the Poverty Video and then answered a handful of questions.


For those who didn’t finish their podcast scripts they started by working on that. Those who had finished recorded one by one and then worked on their Video Proposal Worksheet. Britt was really active in class; she was moving from one group to the other asking them about their podcast and their topic. It actually worked out nicely because while I was with the current recording group, she would be with the next group having them practice their podcast to her and preparing to record.


The unemployment group wasn’t in class. There are two members and one of them hasn’t been to class since the very first class of the new year. The diabetes group has three members, two of which are not serious leaving just Etone to do most of the work. She wasn’t able to record since her group was absent but she got a jump start on the video proposal worksheet. She is a very dedicated and hard working YAN student. The child abuse group is comprised of two serious members but unfortunately one was sick and the other forgot her book leaving her with virtually nothing to do. I had her use an extra book to write down some ideas about her video which she could later transfer to her book at home. In the end only two group recorded but everyone got a jump start on the video proposal worksheet. Next week we will finish recording podcasts and edit them.


Britt shared with me her experiences visiting other projects in Buea and Limbe and from what I heard from her…YAN sounded like the most promising and active project she visited!! She was really impressed with that we were doing at Lycee and GHS Buea Town. I explained how our biggest set back is not being able to teach at more schools or even more classes at the same schools because soo many students who are interested. She took some time before/during class to go through our curriculum booklet which she also positively commented on. Overall, the visit went really, really well!


In Buea Town we were working on the same activities meaning there was no need to rent the cyber. I rounded the students up and we walked to the school to find an open classroom. Here, we did the same activities that Lycee did. First defining videography and talking about why it is important to add to out project. Then moving on to watching a YAN video and discussing its parts, what it consisted of, problems that could have been avoided, interesting aspects and more. Everyone had finished their podcast so we went straight away to recording their podcasts and filling out their video proposal worksheet. The High Birth Rate group only had 1 out of 3 members present so we will postpone recording until next time. The Climate Change, Water Pollution, Political Problems in Cameroon and Deforestation group were all able to record and will be editing next week.


What a productive week!! Stay tuned to hear about the winners of the IWD Essay Contest from the Lycee YAN Club and Lycee Advanced YAN club!!

Students at GHS Buea Town: Watching a video made last year on poverty and getting
some ideas on their own video for this year!!