Facebook, over BILLION million users – who would have thought it would be so difficult to create an account? Not me!

We had some challenges over the weekend creating Facebook accounts for the students.   For some reason, Facebook makes things complicated these days by requiring a phone number to create an account. Once you fill all the information for create an account, Facebook then sends a verification code to the cell phone number which then needs to be put onto the computer to activate the account. With Google, we were at least able to use the same phone number for 6 accounts but Facebook only allows 2 accounts. Luckily I have two phone numbers here so I could help 4 students. There were two more students in class who had phones so they used theirs but as for the rest of the students, they were unable to create a Facebook due to the phone number part.


More good news: I was really happy to have two students who have not yet attended class since the holiday break come! They were actually interested in working on what they had missed but since the whole class was doing Facebook, I thought it would be easier for them to do Facebook and then on Wednesday next week, they can catch up with their group members. One of them had actually not even chosen a topic; she was going towards air pollution but then she never came back again. She chose deforestation, which is great because that group had lost a member who moved to Bamenda. The other girl is in the Political Problems in Cameroon group. I am very happy to see their faces back in class, I hope its permanent.


As for Lycee, there wasn’t a single student with a cell phone so we weren’t able to do anything on Facebook. But the awesome news is that we had internet connection!!! Although it was painfully slow compared to the cyber, all who attended were able to get their website up and working with the information they had been typing for the last two weeks.


This week YAN will be purchasing cameras to begin out photography lessons!! Stay tuned to see how the kids do on their photography scavenger hunt!