From Lycee to Buea Town, YAN students have chosen what problem or issue in their community is of interest to them.

Today at Lycee, I only had a mere 8 students for the first 1 hour 15 minutes!! 8 is the lowest turn out I have ever had, so I assumed there was something going on. Half of the kids were doing "manual labor" (mostly yard work and things of that sort -this is required by the school) and the other half where taking an exam.

For students who missed last Wednesday's class, hence the weekend make up class, they had a lot of catching up to do. I had student who were present explain and review what we had went over the two previous classes. I rewrote the research topics and groups on the board so that absent students could sign up with their topics and partners. Etone, the student who wanted to switch groups had chosen a new topic and then a couple of absent students came together for another research group.

Lack of Access to Technology
Mpako Mbappe Darios
Koi Blessings Amezing

Akuphe Dieudonne
Dielle Etone Veronica
Andy Azinwi Tabid Tante

That brings Lycee's YAN Club to a total of 7 research topics and 18 students signed up. There are 2 students who have told others that they are 'dropping' the club. There is also one student who hasn't come for 5 weeks so I am also assuming he has decided to drop the class.

I had previously saved articles relating to each of the topics and had put them on my flash drive for the students. They opened the documents on the computer and began writing facts about their topics on their worksheets. Similar to what they were doing over the weekend, just without the internet.

Once we moved into our original room there were another 5 students showed up from their manual labor and test taking. Everyone got into their groups, caught each other up one were they were, what they needed to do next, etc. Hopefully by next week some groups will be starting their websites!!

With the new topics chosen today, that brings Lycee's YAN Club to a total of 7 research topics and 18 students signed up.

There was a major traffic jam (maybe caused by an accident or something) on the way up to Buea Town on Wednesday so I did not reach the school until 3:30. Although I have to keep the GHSBT students more in order and tell them to keep quite more often, they are a very committed group! Attendance is always high and students are always handing in homework and being sure they are up to date.

Today was a big day for Buea Town – they chose their research topics!!  

Water Pollution
Precious Claris Namondo Wose 
Malange Clinton 
Kfu Patience 
Mbessang Emmanuer Kevin 

Political Problems of Cameroon
Theresa Ewune
Nyuimuh Ketline Yatuh
Benardine Boyeneben 

Climate Change in Cameroon
Fadimatou Isa 
Khadijatou Mohammed 
Rubby Namondo 


Nji Philomina Asom 
Nyuydini Ndze Betrand 
Langwa Enill Asheri 
Daniella Ndkia 

High Birth Rate

Ngala Nadia 
Asawure Irene 
Claudia Enanga 
Ekah Judith 

There was one topic a student was interested in but she couldn’t find a partner which is unfortunate because it was “Endangerment and Extinction of Species” – very relevant to Cameroon and a topic I’ve never seen a YAN student choose. But maybe next year.

After topics were chosen all the students moved into their groups to brainstorm about their specific question(s), things they already know, questions they still have, people they want to contact and groups they want to contact. I passed out permission slips for their guardians to allow them out on Saturday for an extra class. Looking forward to seeing the turn out and seeing how quick the students pick up on web based research!!