Cardaine working on his storyboard.

This week – the Advanced YAN class perfected their storyboards. They were reminded to act as the writer, director and producer of their film meaning they had to organize every single little thing.


Every film will consist of three parts: 1) an introduction; 2) a body (usually an interview with an expert) and lastly; 3) a conclusion. Once these three parts are filmed the students can start editing the videos using a program called “Windows Movie Maker”.  They have the option of adding photos, music and special effects.


Our original goal was to have the movies completely before the end of the term so that the final semester could be focused on their community sensitization project but due to several uncontrollable setbacks, we will hold weekend classes in April for editing the video to catch up while continuing with the advocacy outreach project.


Several students have filmed their “introductions” and one has even done his interview already.


Originally on Monday, Jean was supposed to be interviewing a banker about corruption. The banker had to postpone because he was out of town due to a family emergency. His date of return back to Buea is unknown so Jean has chosen another person to interview. Steven who is the director of an anti-corruption NGO with two branches: one in Buea, Cameroon and the other in Kenya.


Henry researching the causes and consequences of prostitution has interviewed Dr. Trixie Frank and a nurse working for the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Buea.


Cardaine was hoping to interview Mr. Masango Sone, Director of Green Cameroon (NGO), about the importance and methods of conserving nature on Friday but he will be… getting married so they have rescheduled for next week. Cadaine was however able to shoot a very interesting introduction.


This week and next week are ‘exam’ weeks because the second term will be ending. The exam schedule isnt set ahead of time and exams are often organized and given randomly meaning the children don’t’ know when they will have to stay after school to write an exam . David and Balemba  shot their introduction on Wednesday and wanted to interview one of their teachers at Lycee Molyko about poverty during our class on Thursday but Balemba had an exam after school and their teacher was the one conducting it. They will see him Friday and re-schedule a date.


Desmond and I will be going to the neighborhood called ‘the dirty south’ this afternoon to speak with a Cyber manager about scamming. Hopefully we learn how to protect ourselves against scammers and how to prevent others from becoming scammers. Desmond was able to get a head start and film his introduction.


Shooting the introduction!