For both of our club classes last week, one at BGS Molyko and the other at GHS Buea Town, we had a special guest join us. Maddy is on exchange from the United States through a study abroad program by Antioch University. She is studying at University of Buea for three months and has chosen to work with YAN until June. This week was her first of many.

After I introduced her she mostly observed the class structure, the students and myself. I had her come with me around to each group that had a question and listen to their questions and also how I responded so that she could get a better idea of what was expected for the kids. Our lesson that day was working out the details of the video by using a storyboard.


To both classes, I explained how the students would be the writers, directors and producers of their video so they have to plan out every single thing including what exactly will be said, where and how.


While everyone was working on this, two groups from GHS were also able to edit their podcasts. Students finalized their letters and interview questions.

 For next week, our last class of the term students will have:

1)    Delivered their letters and have a contact number for me to reach the interviewee

2)    Questions for interview

3)    Detailed completed storyboard

If all of this is completed, the students will be able to have a little bit of fun on their last class before the term ends with a little bit of food and music! 

Several student podcasts have been uploaded onto our website, check them out here!!