One of the most exciting parts of this kind of work with meeting people who do similar work to you, partnering with them, and creating a project together that is better than either of you could have done alone.  During this time before school starts I am rushing to meet everyone I here involved with youth programs.  Turns out, in Buea, sometimes these potential partners just fall in your lap.

While registering Walters for school I ran into two American students from Penn State who were working as volunteers for United Action for Children.  Since we were all foreigners in a foreign land we hit it off right away - talking about typhoid and where to get the best food in town.  They were excited about YAN and I told them about the fellowship program - though I think they had about all they could take of Africa for the next year or so (one actually did have typhoid).  They put me in contact with their country director and I'm really hoping he'll meet with me.

I also had dinner with 2 members of the Board on Friday night.  These partnerships are the most critical.  YAN is an organization that can only exist because of these local leaders willing to step up during the off season - to keep the organization moving forward and keep the schools excited about the program.  I'm in awe of how dedicated they are to YAN - willing to provide money, time, and their political clout to make the program a success.

Dedicated partners are a tribute to the organization and it's mission.  You know if two very busy local leaders are willing to put in their time and effort then you are on the right track.  I am anxious to spread the YAN love across Buea and perhaps the world!  For now it's blogging and facebooking and meetings - trying to make a splash!