Wednesday at Lycee could only have been more productive IF we had internet but since there was no internet (now marking one week) the students finished up all of their typing for the websites! This means, once the students are able to access internet, it will only take a few minutes of copying and pasting text to have their websites up to date.

Today, I wanted to start class out with a game because I realized that we don’t play too many games in class. I asked everyone to tear out a piece of paper form a notebook. Everyone assumed they were going to be taking notes so they go out their pens as well. This was perfect. Then I said, “You all have one minute to make the best paper airplane you have ever made. If you don’t know how to make one – ashia, watch a friend and try your best!” Everyone started laughing and scrambling to make a paper airplane. Then they all lined up against the wall and on the count of 3, threw the airplane. The one who went the furthest will be receiving a treat from me next week. The kids enjoyed it a lot and I am hoping to incorporate more fun games like that every so often.


We started the lesson by completing a ‘Fill in the Blank” on the whiteboard of what each web page needs to contain. Then, I opened up the students saved documents from my flash drive and the students got to work. Two groups finished ALL of their typing for their website so after they successfully saved the work to the flash drive and ejected it properly (last weeks mini lesson), I allowed them free time on the computer. The other groups all finished their work within the last 15min of class. I made an announcement that on Saturday, we were going to be doing out lesson on Facebook! 90% of the class was really excited so I am hoping to have a good turn out over the weekend.

As always, when I arrived to the cyber in Buea Town most of the students were waiting outside for me. A couple of them were complaining about being hungry and that they hadn’t eaten since morning. This isn't the first time they said this, but I was feeling generous so I bought 500cfa worth of banana (nearly 30 bananas) so each student at 2 bananas while we waited for the cyber to clear out and open up for us. I also played the paper airplane game with my students in GHS Buea Town. After we played, I saw a student walk by who hasn’t been in class since before we went on break. I called after her and went down the stairs to discuss with her. She said, “Madam, I have been missing for too long.” I told her, “It is never too late to come to class! We can always arrange a special class for just me and you and during that time I'm sure you will be able to catch up!” She said she would attend Saturday’s class because her mother was expecting her home at that time, so we’ll see on Saturday if she comes.

The internet was working and the students were ready to work. Because there is no whiteboard or chalkboard, we only did an oral review of what is on each website. There were a couple of student groups who didn’t fully understand the purpose of the review we did and what was excepted of them during class so I reviewed again and again with each student until they understood what they needed to do. The Climate Change and Water Pollution group were working very fast. They finished uploading everything on all 3 of their pages (Homepage, About and Research) so they were allowed time to search online for 2 photos that represented their project and add them to their website. The other groups had just enough time to add all of their previously typed material to their website. The Deforestation group finish their facts (they only have 3). The Political Problems in Cameroon group and the High Birth Rate group needs to add websites to their facts. This class will also be having a Facebook lesson on Saturday from 10am-noon.