Working in Africa is always a challenge and a joy – this week the challenge has been with my legal status in Cameroon.  The joy is watching the kids make their first cuts on their podcasts.  I think the most wonderful sound I’ve heard since I’ve been here is the echo of children’s voices played over and over again – saying, “child labor is a problem in many parts of the world…”


As the worry about whether or not I’ll be forced to leave early comes to a head I’m starting to dislike the idea of leaving.  Not like I won’t be happy to see my friends and family; it’s more to the point that I want to finish what I started.  I want to see these podcasts and videos through.  I want to host a little party for my kids.  I want to create a video with them talking about the program.  I want to climb the mountain.  All of that is possible in the next thirty days, but not in the next seven.


The next fellow is being shipped out ASAP so that we have a little overlap.  If I do have to leave a week from Friday I’m just going to have to make it work.  I’m positive the next fellow will do a wonderful job – I’m more worried about myself.  It’s hard enough to drop your whole life to move to Cameroon.  It’s even more difficult to com back with no job, no home, and no idea what you plan to do…especially when you only have a week to prepare for it. 


After yesterday I’m confident that the kids are going to do some amazing work by the end of the program.  They get the sliding cursor – cutting, pasting, and moving pieces around to make something cohesive.  The sounds quality is a-OK – not great – but OK.  What’s the most important thing is that they get it – they understand their issues and have a good grasp of how to explain them.  We’re already talking about who they are going to interview and how they are going to set it up.


Look forward to some great work coming up on this site soon.   I’ll keep you updated about my visa status as I get it myself.  Until then – be well!