No, I don't live in a hut. My floors are not made of mud and I don't live anywhere near lions, tigers or bears.

In Cameroon, my apartment has running water, indoor plumbing and I have a room I don't share with five other people. BCS (By Cameroonian Standards. I'll be using this acronym a lot) I am very well off.

By American standards, there were things I had to get used to: Freezing cold shower water, daily power outages, bed bugs (and every other kind of creepy, crawling creature), taking bucket baths when the water goes out, sucky internet and waking up at 6 AM to the sounds of children singing, mothers screaming and construction workers pounding above my ceiling.

Welcome to my West African home! Here are pics of my apartment that I share with a fellow American volunteer, and some of my neighbors.

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