We are just finishing up week two of the four-week, YAN-sponsored internship program for local students.  So it’s about time you met the interns!

Lucia (GHS Buea Town) and Josiane (GHS Buea Town):

Hi, my name is Nanje Lucia Masare and I’m a student of GHS Buea Town and also a member of the YAN club.  I work with an organisation called ProClimate International.  This organisation is out to protect the environment from pollution and also to protect the ozone layer.  In order to achieve these objectives or goals, the organisation has come up with a type of stove which uses less firewood as compared to the three stone fire which uses a lot of firewood with smoke and also encourages deforestation.  My job in this organisation is to help them create a new website and last week everything went smoothly.  I found difficulties in transferring pictures and information from their old website to our new one but it wasn’t really serious because our YAN teachers Josh and Clara came and helped me figure it out.  I also learned how to sell the stoves to women in Kumba. 

Nelson (GHS Limbe), Eyole (GHS Buea Town), Florantine (GHS Buea Town)

My names are Nanjembe Nelson Mbongo; I am a member of YAN and student of GHS Limbe, Cameroon.  I am currently a student intern at the International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) in Molyko, Buea, Cameroon.  My internship site is located at the University of Buea junction beside Saint Therese Primary School.  My intern organisation is an NGO involved with environmental education in schools, forest conservation, and library and prison programs.  At this organisation I am involved in creating blogs and newsletters, specifically on environmental education in schools and forest conservation.  Last week my friends and I created our very first newsletter called the ICENECDEV Quarterly Newsletter.  I was also sent to the field to cover the World Environment Day on which I wrote an article, which I put in the newsletter.  I have learned quite a few new things, especially how MSWord 2007 works and how to produce a newsletter.  I can say that without YAN I wouldn’t have been able to do most of the things I did last week, so YAN did prepare me well. 

Hello my name is Eyole Emmanuel.  I am a student of GHS Buea Town and I am a part of the YAN club. The name of my organisation is the International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV).  Last week at my organisation I was working alongside my colleagues to create a newsletter for the organisation.  I created the part about the prison rehabilitation project and we combined the other parts to form a general newsletter for the organisation.  I learned that ICENECDEV carries out rehabilitation projects like organising literacy classes for prisoners and training them in vocational aspects such as tailoring and carpentry so that the prisoners will feel at home. 

Ruth (GHS Buea Town) and Emmanuel (BGS Molyko)

I am called Suh Ruth, a YAN student, a student of GHS Buea Town, and also an intern in the Environmental and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF).  I live in Buea.  ERuDeF is situation in Molyko.  When at Malingo junction, turn left and walk in straight until you meet a signboard on which is written Environmental and Rural Development Foundation.  Take a left and walk in till you meet a building fenced and on the first floor is sign board written on it BIOPHARMCAM; turn left and move in.  Last week, we were celebrating the World Environment Day and writing on articles on the day.