Greetings YANers!!!

Pidgin English = Malaria don attack me last week. No worry a dey fit n na a don betta.
English Translation = I got malaria last week. But don't worry, I am strong and now I am feeling better.

This week was a big week for the YAN club at Lycee Molyko. Why you ask... Well, because the students have chosen their research topics for the year!!

Drug Abuse
Ayuk Rawlings
Achu Simon
Bah Bobda Romaric
Kamgwan Lecrivain

The Right of a Citizen to be Educated
Mulyh Victory
Koban Calvin

Waste Management

Verinica Etone
Annette Ndive
Nkemta QUeency
Rose Enanga

Bright Isuma
Enongene Christian

Child Abuse
Ekoajei Eudes
Fru Emmanuela
Makuitche Sheilla

After the research topics were chosen, students broke into their research groups to discuss more about their topic and do some brainstorming. Before the class was ended, students had to have completed the following questions pertaining to their research topic and project:

Big Topic:
Specific Question(s):
Things I Already Know:
Questions I Still Have:
People I Want to Contact:
Groups I Want to Contact:

There are only four more lessons until the Holiday break starts so I decided to hold an extra class over the weekend to do a bit of 'catch up' so that we are all ready for the vacation. This Saturday the 23rd, I will be meeting the students in the computer lab where we will have three hours to learn about web based research, conduct research on their topics and even start thinking about their website that will be created next week.