Friday’s make up class for the Lycee club was held at a cyber cafe for the first time this year! I decided a cyber would be best for two reasons. 1) There are only 3-4 working computers with internet in the computer lab and 2) The lab wasnt even available because GCE registration was still going on.

Therefore, I got permission from the Principle to take the YAN club off campus to the cyber I had reserved just down the road. As we were leaving, there were 5 advanced students who showed up and came along with us to the cyber! This was great - a make up class for both classes... talk about hitting two birds with one stone!!

For the regular YAN club, there were three groups who were ready to start their website. Drug Abuse, Waste Management and Diabetes. There was one group doing research, (Education Standards in Cameroon) and the other two group (Unemployment and Child Abuse) had no members present. The internet this day was painfully slow. After two hours, only one member/group (Queency in Waste Management) managed to create her website at WordPress and the Education group (Darios and Victory) successfully completed their research and is moving onto the next step..building their website! Etone and Andy researching Diabetes along with the Drug Abuse group (below) were attempting to create their website the entire time but were held back due to the slow internet.

The Advanced students that came include, Cardaine, Shemilove, Henry, David and Balemba. They all proved that they didn't forget the good research skills that they had acquired last year. A good amount of research was obtained and many of them had already started answering their specific questions!

The Drug Abuse group includes (from left to right) Lecrivain, Rawlings, Simon and Bah Bobda. 

Why did you choose to research Drug Abuse in Cameroon?
Lecrivain: I chose to research this topic because too many people now a days are involved in the be bad practice and by so doing they help to destroy out community and I want to help in the improvement of my community by researching and advising them on their act. There by improving my lovely country Cameroon.

Why do you like YAN?

Rawlings: I am a student of YAN because it teaches how to use modern technology and communicate with other people. 

Simon: I like YAN because I learn new things every day and also learn how to use computers to better my future.

Bah Bobda: I like YAN because I learn new things about computers every day.

I hope all of you YANers out there are looking forward to the student websites this year!

I know I sure am!!