Here is Cardaine working on editing his Nature Conservation video.

The Advanced YAN students met not one, not two but THREE times this week. They were so motivated they came to the regular club class on Wednesday to use any extra computers for editing! We tried to make it four days, but when we arrived on Saturday, Mr. Muluah who is usually working in the computer lab was not around and I called for nearly 1 hour straight but he didnt pick up his phone either.

The poverty group unfortunately keeps getting set back further and further due to the two teachers they have been trying to interview who keep giving them Cameroonians call "false program", when they say they will do something at a certain time and in the end they dont. I am meeting with one of the teachers on Monday who will hopefully see the seriousness in my presence and agree to an interview time and stick with it! :)

Next week students have exams Wednesday-Saturday so we will be trying to arrange another day to meet for editing. The letters they wrote for their community sensitization need to also be distributed to the various offices and schools.

Two students, Shemilove and Deril, who havent showed up for about the last 6-8 weeks of classes and who I thought had dropped the class decided to show up and express a sincere apology and ask for the work they missed. I gave it to them, all the way from the podcasts, to the advocacy worksheets to the letters for an interview as well as everything for the community sensitization. They seemed a bit overwhelmed but, that is what they missed and if they want to get a certificate for the program they have to make up all the work. So, next week we will see how far they have come.