T-minus eight days and counting until I head back to the US.  It has been a great ride here – full of ups and downs, a lot of hard work, and too many cold showers to count.  Today we’ve finished up our video filming section and waiting on my replacement to bring new cameras for them to make their videos.  We’re going to have a party and I’m going to finish up the filming of my own little project. 


I’m also applying for jobs and starting to pack.  It’s strange to even think that I’ve been here almost seven months now.  Certainly you can tell y my latest posts that I’ve been brimming with pride over my kids of late.  This week has been no exception…well, with one exception.


I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again.  Kids are brain damaged.  That’s a Bill Cosby joke but it’s so applicable on so many levels.  Until our new cameras arrive the kids have been practicing on mine.  One group took it out and brought it back in perfect working order, the next group brought it back fifteen minutes later with no sound.  I asked, “What did you do?”  They said, “nothing.”  I said, “Just show me.” They said, “Nothing.”  Class went on, taping without sound, and when I got home I tinkered with it until the sound came back on.


Now, my keen sense of deduction tells me that kids are curious and cameras are exciting to kids.  Further more kids, with a camera in their hands, will, without doubt, play with buttons they are not supposed to.  How far can I stick my tongue in my cheek when I say that these darn kids will never learn?  Is it totally vindictive to be happy about revoking the scavenger hunt win from the team that was punching buttons on my camera?  Ha – I don’t think so…since I’ll be handing the win to kids who suggested it in the first place and the “win” is just a bar of chocolate. 


Seriously, we’re celebrating today.  They have worked hard and I know they have enjoyed themselves.  Next week, I’m passing them off to another fellow to finish up their work and I’m leaving them with as much love as I can.  I can’t wait to show you the video – give me a couple of weeks though, I’m packing.