This week was a bit different at Lycee Molyko as the kids were busy studying for, and taking their exams. Usually we meet on Wedensdays for class, but because of exams we met on Monday instead. This led to a small class with only two groups showing up. In class the kids were working at various stages of their projects. Some of the kids were in the process of editing on the computers, while others still needed to shoot footage. I helped one student shoot his introduction, and helped him decide which take he liked better. On the first try he read from the script and stumbled in his words, but on the second try he spoke without a script and it came out much more naturally!


The next thing I made sure to do was schedule meeting times with the Advanced YAN students for when they could deliver their letters. They each wrote a letter that will go to the organization that they would like to present their research topic to. I met with each of them and worked out a schedule to meet up with them and take them to the various universities or organizations.


For the rest of class, Antonia and I worked with the kids on editing videos, teaching certain tasks. Some of them were as simple as selecting the clips they wanted to use, while others were more complex such as editing the clips to be shorter, split in half, or even have visual effects. Another task we worked on was teaching students the difference between the Save and Save As function on the program. It is most important that all the kids projects are saved along the way! 


We also dealt with transferring videos back and forth from working computers, often having to change the file type in order for the video to work on certain computers in the lab. The last thing we did was ask some of the kids which song they would like in their videos, a very exciting decision!


Working in GHS Buea Town this week was very productive! Antonia and I met with two groups, and each let them edit their movies on our computers. I worked with the Water Pollution group and helped them edit along the way. There was a lot to learn such as selecting specific parts of clips, changing volume, adding text, title pages, and transitions. The students seemed to be learning very fast, but I also had to make sure that everyone was getting the chance to use the computer. I gave each student different tasks so that they all got some computer use.


The best part of working with the kids was watching their own creative ideas flow. In the Water Pollution video, the students created a new slide to introduce each person in the group, and also added credits at the end that thanked all the people that helped with their project along the way. They got the hang of adding text, changing the style of the text, and even chaining the length of slides. They worked very quickly in two hours and will probably be done next week!