Friday I was bite by a bug in the eye.  Now, I think because I lack good hygiene, it’s infected.  My eye is swollen and a covered in puss filled blisters.  We haven’t had water all day; but it’s no so bad because at least the electricity is holding.  Ah, life in Cameroon.


Swollen eye and all I’m fine.  I’ve settled into my life and here – and everything it entails.  I’m not going lie – I’m sill not super happy with my life here but it is my life none the less and it’s better than being a office assistant at a law firm.  The kids are growing on me too.  It’s strange how easy it is to let them grow on you if you are ready to accept that they are sincere.  They will lie to you – all kids do.  They will say whatever they can say to stay out of trouble when you catch them playing video games in class.  But when they tell you they learned something and they look at you excitedly to tell you about finding a friend from school on Facebook – they mean it.  They really did learn something.  They are really excited to have received an email from you and they can’t wait to write on their friend’s Wall.  So that’s pretty adorable.


I’m excited about coming home for the holidays though.  I’ll be happy to have a few bug free weeks where I pop out to Columbia Heights Coffee to pay too much for a latte.  I can’t wait to see my friends and have brunch.  I can’t wait to be sitting with Erin and go over our grant.  I miss that kind of collaboration in my work the most.  Email and gchat just don’t give you the same kind of satisfaction.  I also can’t wait to ride a bike again. 


I made a list of the things I’m grateful for in my current life.  To my surprise Cameroon was indeed on that list.  It was on there because being here has helped me to prioritize what I am looking for in my life and what I am willing to give up for it.  It has taught me, even more than Iraq that I am adaptable and capable.  That I can have compassion for myself and others even when we are acting annoying.  I’ve learned that showers don’t matter nearly as much as you think they do – unless you’ve got an infected bug bite (then you really should try to shower). 


Now, it’s off to yoga to try to increase my inner peace.