This Saturday YAN had the first ‘extra/make up’ class of the 2014 year!!

I was at the Buea Town cyber at 8:30am so I could meet with Charles, the manager, and get a bit more information on him to add on the YAN website as a local partner. Check it out HERE.

Around 9am two students arrived who needed help with their emails. Last week we had a lot of trouble in both classes signing into emails. Students had either written down their password incorrectly or never wrote it down at all. There was a total of 7 students who got help with their email that day. I met an hour early with these particular students so that I could watch each and every one of them as they created their email. I was able to remind them to write down their password, and not forget which letter is capitalized.

GHS Buea Town students getting busy on Saturday morning!

Between 10 and 10:30 the rest of the students showed up, totaling 12. Saturday’s focus was the individual websites! There were two groups who couldn’t remember their passwords to WordPress even though they had copied it down in their books and it was not possible to retrieve or reset the password because the group member who’s email address was used to create the blog was not present. It these cases, the students just typed up the information that they will be putting on their website. Their websites are made up for three pages: About, Research and Videos & Photos. For the About page, students looking back at their research and combined interesting facts of their research topic with their own individual motives and intentions of their website. As for the Research page, students had previously collected the most relevant and interesting 8 facts of all their completed research to add onto their website. Students simply typed up their 8 facts. We saved these two documents on a flash drive and will put them on their websites this week in our regular class.
  There was one group who had all of their members present so I took their photo to add to the YAN website. You can see all of the 2013-2014 YAN projects coming together HERE.

Working hard in the Lycee Molyko computer lab.

We worked until just after 12:30pm and then I headed down to meet my students at Lycee Molyko. There was less of a turn out at Lycee, only 9 students, but it was still very productive. The groups that did show up were able to get a good amount of work done. Only one group was fully present so I took their photo as well. At this time, the only groups that are somewhat behind are the Waste Management group (who has 2 of 3 members with high absenteeism) and the group researching Unemployment (mostly due to absenteeism).

Sunday I went to Bonduma (a neighborhood in Buea) where I met two students who had previously requested that we meet on Sunday because their schedule never permits them to meet on Saturday. These two students are researching the Lack of Practical Education in Cameroon. We went to a cyber where they worked on two computers for one hour. Within that hour, they went from being one of the furthest behind groups to right up there with everyone else!!


When the internet is working and the children are motivated –

its amazing how much work can get done!