Every group besides two have at least started editing their project. Last week we several groups not only begin editing their videos but also finish editing their videos! Wow, it was a proud moment for me as their teacher to see them complete their final project. The first group done was Deforestation.

On Wednesday in both schools we had 2 groups editing (since we are using our personal computers we can only have 2 at a time) while the others played a game and arranged another time to meet with me for editing. The game we played is a guessing game: each student writes down the name of a person who is not necessarily famous but a person that everyone in the game will know. They hide this name from others and pass it to the person to their left who then, without looking, licks the back and sticks it to their forehead. Everyone playing can see the name on everyone’s head but their own. Asking “yes or no” questions each player has to guess who is on their head. If the answer is yes, you ask again – if the answer is no you move to the next player. At first the students didnt really understand, but after I started playing and gave them examples of questions they got the hang of it right away.

The most difficult part of editing is cutting down the interview and editing it so that only the most interesting and important parts are shown for the film. One student asked “But Madam, why can't we just play the entire interview?” As I was about to start explain a student nearly took the words right out of my mouth, “Because it will bore! You want your video to be nice don’t you? People won't watch it if it bores.” When I explain this, I give a much more gentler explanation saying that the viewers, their audience, might only have a couple of minutes to spare learning about this topic so you want to make it “short and sweet”. Because its quite easy to just throw an introduction in front of an entire interview and then slap a conclusion on the end, I am challenging the students this year by requiring all videos to be under 8min! That means, an interview which is 30min long needs to be edited and cut down to about 7 min.

Once students seem to get a good portion of their interview edited, I give them a break (because that’s the most tedious part of editing) and teach them about animations, transitions and how to use text. I also explained that our computers, both Macs, have cameras and microphones built into the computer. This got the Practical Education group thinking…. You will see what they decided to do when their video comes out! I showed them several different ideas and told them “This part of the editing is your playground. Explore, try new things and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! These things will be what set your video apart from everyone else’s!” They got the idea and started looking at more options in the editing. Practical Education got a great jump start on their video and arranged to meet me on Monday to wrap things up. They have done several interviews and are doing some neat things with their editing.

At Lycee, the Practical Education group is doing more than one interview for their video because they want to get the teachers opinion and the students opinion! Last week they did their final interview. One group, Diabetes, has not been able to record a podcast yet due to various reasons but that day they finally finished it. It was an extremely productive day.

As I walked towards the computer lab at GHS in Buea Town I noticed here was a class going on. Mr. Ivo’s class was going nearly 40min behind schedule so we just waited outside and I began to go over the internship and graduation plans. The students are so excited for graduation!! I am as well; this will be a perfect way showcase the students work and make them to feel proud of what they have accomplish as well as and show their families, the schools and the community the work they have done. I am really proud, the videos are coming out great.

As you have read in the last post, our main project in class now is EDITING the video and making sure the websites are fully updated with an About, Home, Reasearch, Vidoes/Photos and Advocacy page. I have been meeting with students every single day outside of our regular class hours to ensure they have the opportunity to finish all of the work before graduation which is literally right around the corner.