Wednesday YAN went to Lycee for the Club Launching. It went great! After most of the students were corralled into the gymnasium, each club was given 1-2min to talk about the club and their activities. I was welcomed by a very enthusiastic crowd and passed out 100 or so flyers afterwards. When I went back on Friday to pick up the applications I collected 30. I know that when I go on Tuesday there will be even more waiting! As I was walking on the street over the weekend, I had a group of young girls from Lycee recognize me and ask me for applications because they didnt get any. I was close to the house so I ran home to get some - its wonderful seeing interest like that!

Club Launching: Bilingual Grammar School - Lycee Molyko

GHS Buea Town schedule their club launching on the same day, same time as Lycee so I had to leave Lycee early to make it to Buea Town. As we were nearing Buea Town, rain began to fall and as we arrived all of the children were leaving. They cancelled the launching due to rain, there is no covered area like the gym in Lycee so it has been reschedules for next week! I'm looking forward to this launching because another volunteer who was at the launching (before it was cancelled) told me she had several kids asking her if she was "the new YAN teacher from America".