Wednesdays classes were both a blast!!

Students of Lycee Molyko enjoying the "chop" or food.

80% of the students had completed all of their homework which was for the club: to hand in their letters to the people they wanted to interview and finish their storyboards then for the advanced class: complete their interviews.

Deforestation group of GHS Buea Town, Unemployment and Child Abuse from Lycee had not been able to turn in their letters yet but will do that ASAP.

As for the Advanced YAN class, 3 out of 5 groups have done their interviews leaving only Scamming and Poverty left! These will be filmed as soon as school resumes J


Since it was the last class of the term, and students are already finished with exams, both classes had a needed “fun day” where they enjoyed some music and food. For food I prepared salsa and guacamole with plantain chips. Both of the dips were strange and foreign to them but I gave a speech about keeping and open mind and reminded them that I didn’t know a single food when I came to Cameroon. I even told them I tried foods I can't pronounce, like Okongobong and ended up loving it!

Advanced YAN showing everyone how to dance!

Most of the kids enjoyed the food, especially the guacamole since it was so close to something here they called ‘puree’. Both classes even had a dance competition!! For Lycee it was Advanced YAN vs the regular club class and for GHS Buea Town I split up the class. We danced to popular Nigerian songs like Skelewu, Personally, Chop my Money and a Cameroonian favorite: Stanely Enow’s Heir Pere. (I encourage your to check all of these songs/videos out on YouTube because they are awesome!!)

Students at GHS Buea Town loved the new foods!

These ladies won the competition. In fact, there was no competition!!

When classes resume, the Advanced class will be focusing on their film for editing and also planning their community sensitization project. The regular clubs will be focusing on filming their introductions, body and conclusion for their videos followed by the editing of their videos. Both classes will be updating their websites with the videos and putting them on YouTube so that anyone around the world with internet connection can view the video!!