All week I had been in the house working on individual progress reports. Here in Cameroon, students are usually just given their grade: pass or fail. They are not told their strengths or what they can work on and improve. I took the time to evaluate each student by looking at their attendance, grades on homework and finally my personal assessment of their participation and seriousness in class.

Wednesday morning I baked four cakes for the two classes.

For those of you who bake.. I would like you to experiment and attempt baking cakes by stove top. YES, by stove top. No oven allowed. It is quite challenging to say the least. Here is a hint: Think 'dutch oven'.

I went to Buea Town early and brought the curriculum books and cakes up to the cyber where we have classes. Then I carried the cakes to Lycee. The school yard was nearly empty! It appeared as if everyone had already gone home on vacation. As I neared the school buildings, I could hear loud music coming form the gymnasium. Every now and again there was a cry of excitement coming from inside – no doubt it was an end of the year party with music and dancing.

Thankfully, the GCE registration had ended so the YAN club was finally allowed back into their regular classroom for the entire allotted time (1-3pm). As I waited for students to come, I hid the cakes in the back of the room so they wouldn’t be distracted during the lesson. Soon two students from the Drug Abuse group arrived. Shortly after Eudes from the Child Abuse group and lastly Etone who is researching Diabetes came.

Alas, it was just the four of them. Two cakes and four students - boy were they excited!!

All three of the groups were successful in creating their websites!!! There was some confusion and misunderstanding with the Child Abuse group so unfortunately we will have to fix their website once the holidays are over.

Check your the websites so far:

Diabetes =

Drug Abuse =

In Buea Town, the Water Pollution and Climate Change groups were able to add content to their website. They completed the ‘About’ pages and also started adding facts to their Research page. and

The High Birth Rate group was able to create their website:

Members from the Deforestation and Political Problems in Cameroon groups caught up on the research that their partners had been doing the last couple of classes with out them. The deforestation group is ready to create their website!!

Afterwards, I passed out their progress slips and we all enjoyed cake outside of the cyber. 

Thursday morning I also spent baking cakes for the Advanced students. This time when I got to the school, it was even more deserted than the day before. Three students showed up which is nearly half the class - so that was promising! Out of the three, we had two who are researching Nature Conservation and one who is researching Poverty. They worked on the computer researching for about 45min and suddenly the internet cut out. None of the computer were loading websites. So we decided to just eat cake and take some photos!!

YAN would like to wish everyone happy holidays!!