Thursday’s Advanced YAN class was really productive -- they all should be filming for their videos this week and next week!!

On the down side, we may have lost 2 students (Shemilove and Deril) who have not showed up for a couple of weeks and who did not show up again today. But on the up side, all of the students who were present had their homework finished!! One by one I reviewed their storyboard and corrected their letters requesting an interview. Everything looked great. Students worked on the questions they will be asking during their interview and a few updated photos on their websites.

This week we will be shooting out introductions and conclusions during class time. If all goes as planned, Jean will interview on a man who works at a bank Monday (today) evening off campus about corruption. David and Balemba will be interviewing one of their teachers about poverty during class time on campus either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Henry will be interviewing Dr. Trizie at 7th Day Adventist Hospital on Tuesday evening to discuss the health issues around prostitution and lastly Cardaine (who may have lost a group member) will be interviewing the director of an NGO called Green Cameroon off campus next Friday about nature conservation. That gives us one week of editing before vacation. The vacation homework will be very lengthy and in-depth trying to solidify plans of community outreach and sensitization. I am looking forward to see they boys in action sensitizing the community and sharing all that they have learned!!